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With 20 years of counseling and play therapy experience under my belt, I often feel like I have so much knowledge in my head and have struggled with how to synthesize it down into a format that is digestible and manageable. This Etsy shop is my attempt to pull out the lessons, tips, and information that I have seen be the most helpful to clients throughout my career, and put it into worksheet and workbook form.  

My instant digital downloads are for anyone who wants more expert level therapeutic information and advice on the topics I provide, including other therapists who would like resources for their work with clients.

Now that I am seeing clients virtually, it frees up an hour or so in my day that I used to travel to my office, where I can continue to create these therapy worksheets and materials for others to use. My hope is always that my digital products help bring you clarity, hope, validation, and support inside or outside of a therapy setting. 

Warmly and with gratitude,